February - November 1946

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I left Seattle on January 16, 1946 and arrived on Shemya in early February. Quarantined for 2 weeks. I was assigned to the 713th Signal Co. as a supply NCO. Endured a 3 day williwaw shortly afterward. I left for home and discharge in November of 1946.



1. The "David W. Branch" troop ship I sailed to Shemya in January 1946.
2. The David W. Branch troop ship I sailed to Shemya in Jan. 1946. That's me 2nd from the left on the bridge on a halfway decent day.
3. Snowed in, March 1946.
4. Our C.O. Lt. Grabowski after March 1946 snowstorm.
5. My Hut #5 after March 1946 snowstorm. Had to dig in and out three times a day!
6. 713th's Orderly Room, snowbound after March 1946 snowstorm.
7. Three of us (me, Ruben, and Chuck) on a bunker having a laugh. The scene was looking from our outfit down to the garbage dump & storage area.
8. That's me on the left in the pic by the Jeep with Ruben & Chuck in front of our supply office at 713th Signal ACW.
9. USO Troop, June 1946.
10. 713th Signal ACW Administrative complex.
11. 713th Signal ACW Radar.
12. Cards were a favorite past time during the Williwaws.
13. Just received a "Dear John?"
14. Refueling the oil for the hut heater. We confiscated a discarded wing tank to use.
15. Looking from our outfit down to the garbage dump & storage area.
16. Sea Lions on Shemya.
17. Agattu on a clear day.
18. Agattu Beach at Radar Outpost.
19. Agattu Radar Outpost
20. Here's Butch, P-38. [Note: This is not the P-38 "Little Butch" from Shemya, Dan Lange's aircraft]
21. B-17 on tarmac, June 26, 1946.
22. P-51 on Shemya, 1946.
23. P-38s in formation.
24. Scenes of a B-24 crash in June, 1946 fog. Most of the crew bailed out.
25. Another scene of the B-24 crash.
26. Searching for survivors on the beach. Only 2 or 3 survived.
27. Checking out left over ordinance on the beach.
28. Lookout for my ship?
29. Homeward bound, November 1946, on the George Washington Carver.


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